​Frequently Asked Questions

What makes PM Reef Ceramic unique? 

The unique combination of large porosity and large surface allow a large amount of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria to settle. These then have easy access to the nutrients to break them down.


The large variety of designs of our ceramics makes it easy to build a unique and individual reef design.


Our ceramics are sustainable and protect our oceans because the degradation of living rock is reduced.

Can PM Reef Ceramic be used directly in the tank?

Our reef ceramics are always freshly made and can safely be used directly in your aquarium. Pre-watering with osmosis water is not necessary

What is PM Reef Ceramic made of and will it leach anything into my water?

PM reef ceramic is a ceramic mixture that is fired well above 1100 ° C. NO pollutants are released into the aquarium water.​

Is there any advantage to using PM Reef Ceramic bio-media instead of live rock?

Harvesting live rock has contributed to the sinking of the world's coral reefs. PM reef ceramic is a handmade product and does not pollute the environment.


Live rock is popular because it not only removes ammonia and nitrites, but also reduces nitrates, but it also has the disadvantage that in addition to the environmental aspect, pests can also be brought into the aquarium.


Thanks to its high porosity, PM reef ceramics offer plenty of space for useful bacteria, which increases the ability to remove ammonia and nitrites and to reduce nitrates.

Why is bio filtration important?

Ammonia and nitrite are very harmful to fish and must be removed. A properly functioning biofilter helps to reduce these values. Our products offer this​

Does Coral and Coralline Algae Grow on PM Reef Ceramic?

In addition to bacteria, PM reef ceramics will also grow with red lime algae within a short time. After a certain time, you will no longer be able to distinguish our ceramics from their structure with living stone.

Will PM Reef Ceramic products affect my water chemistry?

No, PM reef ceramic products are made from an inert ceramic. It has no impact on water chemistry. All batches of raw material are also checked by ICP.

How long does it take to populate my aquarium with animals?

PM reef ceramics recommends to fill the aquarium with the first corals after approx. 3-5 days if the salinity 35 and the temperature 25 ° are correct. Bacterial strains that are available in well-stocked shops are also helpful.


After that, the first cleaning crews and more corals should move in quickly. If the ammonium value is at 0 after approx. 4 weeks, the first fish may already move in. We recommend using fish and corals alternately.


Note: First consumers, then polluters :-)


The entire system should be in operation from the start.

How long will it take to make PM Reef Ceramic products "Live"?

PM Reef Ceramic is similar to other bio-medias in this regard.  Starting from scratch the Nitrogen Cycle usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to be established. Some hobbyists will use store-bought bacteria to help seed the tank and get the cycle going.  The bacteria needed to lower nitrates are much slower growing, and may take upwards of 6 months to fully establish.   In an established tank, beneficial bacteria will begin to colonize the rock immediately.

Who stands behind PM Reef Ceramic?

Of course, we have also been practicing the hobby of seawater aquarists for many years and can therefore draw on a wealth of experience. Thanks to our experience, we can also provide tips on the required technology and correct handling during the break-in phase.

Where is the manufacturing of PM Reef Ceramic products?

Our reef ceramics are 100% made in Switzerland and are still genuine handicrafts. We manufacture our ceramics with a lot of creativity and craftsmanship and always strive to meet all of our customer requirements.

How does an order for a reef ceramic structure made according to customer requirements work?

1. The customer contacts us and we discuss with them the ideal structure of their reef, according to their wishes and ideas

2. We create an offer for the desired reef and after acceptance and prepayment of the offer, our creative team will start producing the desired structure.

3. As soon as the reef has been completed, we contact the customer and present the result.

4. After the customer is satisfied with the construction, we will send it immediately.

How long does it take to create a reef made to customer specifications?

From the point in time at which the construction was approved by the customer, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks before the reef can be shipped.